We identify attractive opportunities and focus on proven business models in growing markets

Talent Sourcing

We source highly skilled and talented co-founders and management, people who make the most of any opportunity


We invest seed capital from €100K - €1M in early stage companies with a great team


We run effective marketing campaigns during our ventures’ pre- and post-launch phases


We acquire customers at low cost, increase the customer base and create long lasting relationships and recurring revenues


We are using the right metrics to build sustainable businesses positioned for an healthy ROI and possible exits







Meet our team

Management Team

  • Paul

    Paul Montagne


    Serial internet entrepreneur, co-founded several successful internet companies such as Getmein! (acquired by Ticketmaster Inc in 2008), GroupDeal (acquired by TMG in November 2014) and Nominated for top 25 e-commerce professionals in the Netherlands (Emerce). Paul holds a Master in Business Management from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and UC San Diego.

  • Diederik Ingen Housz


    Extensive experience in M&A (seed, VC and PE) and MBI transactions. Previously worked as a tax lawyer for Loyens & Loeff N.V. in Amsterdam and London. Holds a LL.M. from the University of Amsterdam and is a member of the International Bar Association (IBA). Diederik serves, amongst others, as a mentor of Rockstart ( and executive director on the board of B.V., an online platform for tech companies and investors (

  • Yoon

    Yoon Sterkenburg


    Extensive experience in Online Marketing & Analytics. Previously Digital Director for TMG. Before his role as Director, he was Head of Online Marketing & Analytics with TMG and responsible for high-traffic websites with billions of page views per month:,,,,,,,, and Also incubated at TMG.

Advisory Board

  • Dick Verbeek

    Dick Verbeek

  • Rob Oudman

  • Pieter Schoen

    Pieter Schoen

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